Nursing Theory

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This paper is a discussion of Sister Callista Roy and John Broadus Watson. More specifically the discussion examines their nursing theories and the applicability and relevancy to nursing. The two had many of the same views and tenets about nursing and many if them were conflicting and this paper will present a discussion of both including a comparison and contrast of their nursing theories.


The theory can be thought of in minimal terms as "the process and outcome whereby the thinking and feeling person uses conscious awareness and choice to create human and environmental integration." (Roy, internet) This is different from her previous definition of adaptation, which stated that adaptation is "a positive response that promotes survival, growth, reproduction, and mastery." (Roy, internet).
John Broadus Watson was an American behavioral psychologist; He was a professor and director of the psychological laboratory at Johns Hopkins. "Watson emphasized the study of observable behavior, rejecting introspection and theories of the unconscious mind." Buckley 1989. He created the school of psychology known as behaviorism, in which behavior is described in terms of physiological responses to stimuli. Watson's work influenced B. F. Skinner in his groundbreaking studies of operant conditioning and his thoughts and tenets have been adapted to nursing models. Buckley 1989.
John B. Watson was a behaviorist and therefore he emphasized the study of observable behavior. His nursing model, rejected introspection &theories of the unconscious mind. The scientific and philosophical aspects of his nursing model were similar because of this. ...
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