Gov Policy that promotes Lifelong Learning

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Basil Yeaxlee articulated the need of lifelong education for the first time and he was supported by Eduard Lindeman who provided an intellectual basis for understanding its desirability as an important aspect of everyday life and said that lifelong education is ".not merely preparation for an unknown kind of future living.


On 21st November 2001, European Commission adopted a communication for Making European Area of Life long learning a Reality and for that, it decided to 'identify coherent strategies and practical measures with a view to fostering lifelong learning for all.' Adult cognition as a dimension of lifelong learning resulted in open universities and distant learning. Learning cannot be dichotomised into a space and time any more and with IT like ever-renewing subjects, there is no end to learning and school days never get over.
"Lifelong learning creates the challenge to understand, explore, and support new essential dimensions of learning such as self-directed learning, learning on demand, collaborative learning, and organizational learning". Fischer (2000).
It also challenges discourses of inclusion and exclusion by lifting curricula off limits of conventional universities. It removes education from the traditional theories and managements and makes it generally available to all. It gives more options to people who were deprived of further studies due to some reason or other. It also enables those who need to change their employment or line of speciality. It empowers individuals who have diverse interests and changing intellectual needs.
Government of UK's provision of lifelong learning is debated in this study along with the concept, organisations and barriers that stand i ...
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