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Childhood Embodiment

Embodiment of children, thus need to take into account all the aspects that go into the formation of the childhood body.
In order to execute a comprehensive theory of childhood embodiment it is important to locate the 'body' within the history of cultural, sociological and anthropological disciplines that have been vigorously, and at times, violently, divided into camps of biological and social reductionism. One point of view has been intent on summarily precluding the other view, and at times quite unexpected ideological fidelity has been worked out among conflicting schools. If we divide the whole approaches into 'foundationalism' and 'non-foundationalism' schools, then probably the conflicting trends become much clearer. The Foundationalist schools have a strong grounding on the body. It believes in a kind of physiological starting point, as the body being the nodal point in which and through which all other experiences are grounded. ...
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The focus towards childhood embodiment has increased markedly in the last fifty years of so of anthropological studies. Even though, the finer points of the distinctions and divisions between key aspects of the nature, culture and the relationships between the bodily and the social are to worked out in the formation of a coherent theoretical groundwork for a study of individual childhood, yet the need to focus on the growth of the child's body as a necessary part of the growing up process has been universally conceded…
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