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Protection of the Individual from Possible Harm and Abuse

This is the very disease which makes her different from others and makes her vulnerable to defend herself. It is the very same disease which makes a few people think that the victim of the disease do not have the right or I should rather call power to defend themselves, thus they are being made use of unlawfully and unethically in one way or the other always.
One of the abuses which are very eminent in the case is sexual abuse. Sarah was every now and then made use of physically just because she was not capable of defending herself, she trusted others blindly, and she was vulnerable.
Sexual abuse can take place anywhere, at any occasion, including in front of other people who do not, or prefer to not see. Sexual abuse has horrifying consequences on victims. People who have been sexually abused undergo from overwhelming mental breakdown and at times death. They build up distrust and will have troubles in their future relationships. In addition sexual abuse makes sexual abusers.
The impact of sexual abuse accomplishes all levels of a person's sentiments. Confusion is frequently the early response of the victim. Once the abuse starts the victim undergoes an incredible disagreement with their emotions. They undergo pain, guiltiness, and annoyance for what is being done.
The abused will feel remarkable guiltiness for various reasons. ...
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Abuses are one of the common things present in the society since forever in one form or the other. Everyday we are being abused either emotionally or mentally. However, there are few who have to experience it more frequently than others in the same society…
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