Assimilation and Nationalism

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The colonialist bourgeoisie, when it realizes that it is impossible for it to maintain its domination over the colonial countries, decides to carry out a rear-guard action with regard to culture, values, techniques and so on. Now what we must never forget is that the immense majority of colonized people is oblivious to these problems.


If Imperialism constitutes the political system that primarily aims at controlling the markets and economy of another country that it rules through its government then, does the relinquishing of political power by the colonizer necessarily signify the end of imperialism or imperial influence Thus, the metropolis through the domination of the colonies can still go on dominating without the existence of any "physical" colony by the nature and virtue of its structure and invisibility of an immediate presence. The system is largely economic and psychological.
The Berbers have endured many ethnic admixtures since the middle ages from neighbouring countries and have been also suppressed (or favoured) by the French strategically against the Arabs so as to discourage united resistances from them in any point of their rule. Ironically this reason has become a dominant issue in making post independent Africa take up the opposite stance of homogenizing the Berbers under official Arab languages and thus exorcize the colonial split created between them. But postcolonial period has its own limitations since the political and entire postcolonial psyche is irrecoverably changed, decolonising is problematic, since it always shall mean the element of a pre-existing colonisation. ...
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