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educational study

This definition is the most descriptive one found because it mentions the goal of sensitizing children to understanding diversity and the other children around them.
Young children need to be exposed to the teachings about cultures other than their own. Many kids only know about their own cultures and it is imperative to their futures that they are educated about the other students around them. Children need to grow up in a world without having any prejudice towards others. Teaching which disregards diversity places students at a disadvantage by reducing their capacity to learn. An inclusive curriculum which acknowledges, respects and responds appropriately to student diversity, can contribute to: enhanced learning outcomes for a greater number of students, validation of student experiences and world views, developing international skills, cross-cultural perspectives, respect for different values and learning styles, and other skills useful in a diverse global environment (Derman-Sparks, 1989).
From the day a child is born, they are raised into the cultures of their parents. ...
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The purpose of this research paper is to discuss the increasing need for multi-cultural education incorporation into the classroom. And to investigate the teaching techniques of elementary school teachers and adaptations that can and should be made in order to increase the knowledge level of diversity among the students in the classroom…
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