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Essay example - Gender Prejudice

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Gender prejudice is cultural (Maccoby, 1988). Interacting variables contributing to young children's self-categorizing include the role of parents (Freud, Horney, Fromm), as socializing agents, biological factors (Monroy, A.), and gender cognition and peer pressure ( )…

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Gender identity is first formed during childhood (Monroy, ). Parental role-models are decisive for attitudes and behaviour.Much of the facial expressions identified emotionally These images are related with teachers' expressions later on in school. Recent studies on emotional intelligence has coined the term disemy, as the distorted perception and misinterpretation of the messages behind facial expressions. But schools can make a difference. Sexual roles learned at home may be reinforced rigidly or may be amplified to include acceptance, flexibility and equity. Teachers, as "extended family" can modify messages sent at home; hopefully, for the better. However, it is not always so. Therefore, teachers, too, should be part of a school's permanent, on-going program on sexual health. Though much has been done to make a difference, isolated actions only diminish the impact desired, rendering it insufficient.
Sexual educations should be comprehensive, to cover, not only students, but teachers, parents, and the local community. Thus the immediate variables involved in gender prejudice can be targeted simultaneously.
This protocol wishes to establish the importance of a comprehensive educational program to include teachers, parents and students. The strategic intervention will compare three groups within a single school, and a fourth group from another school within the same community. ...
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