Impact of Drug Misuse on Parenting Capacity

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Dear writer as the title of my dissertation is around social work intervention this is the main chapter out of all the dissertation and needs to be the focus of the dissertation. I feel that you have not explored this chapter to its fullest and would like you to go into more detail as to what types of interventions are working and what are not and the reasons for this.


People have used mind-altering drugs, from nicotine to heroin and beyond for thousands of years. These have been popular due to the fact they help people to concentrate, offer a diversion from their usual ways of feelings, and help people feel as if they fit in with those around them. Humans have always used psychoactive drugs for medicinal, social, religious, and nutritional purposes. Consumption of beer, wine, opium, marijuana, tobacco, coffee, betel, coca, kava, qat, hallucinogens, and many other drugs originated in prehistory (Durrant and Thakker, 2003). At the dawn of the modern era the cross-cultural exchange of goods, including psychoactive substances, accelerated as Europeans ventured across the oceans. This indicates travel has increased the spread of drug abuse throughout the globe where there was a scope of cross cultural exchange of habits. However, there is a small number of researches in this area, which indicates further research (Segev et al., 2005). The advent of non-narcotic addicting drugs loomed as a potential problem. Responding to incentives created in part by implementation of the control regime and wartime shortages, several pharmaceutical firms successfully developed narcotic analgesics without recourse to opium. ...
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