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Maximising Health in the Community

Young people nowadays obtain conflicting messages on how to tackle and cope with the everyday options available to them which have lifelong repercussions for their healthy development.
Millions have been denied the vital support needed to become knowledgeable, confident and skilled adults. Most of these adolescents miss out on schooling for economic reasons or because their communities are displaced or disrupted by war or conflict. And, while most young people have loving families who protect and care for them, many grow up with no adults committed to their welfare or their health or where the ability of caring adults to support them has been damaged.
Countless adolescents are at risk of early and unwanted pregnancies, of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV and AIDS, and susceptible to the dangers of tobacco use, alcohol and other drugs. Numerous young people are exposed to violence and fear on a daily basis. Some of the pressures adolescents are under, or the choices they make, can change the course of their young lives, or even end them.
These outcomes represent personal tragedies for young people and their families. Likewise, there are unacceptable losses that put the health and prosperity of society at risk. ...
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Background Adolescents accomplish their full physical, emotional and psychological expedition to adulthood in an extremely dynamic world where both opportunities and dangers abound. Most adolescents are full of enthusiasm and represent a positive force in society, an asset now and for the future as they grow and develop into adults…
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