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Academic Practitioner Article Critique

This paper will do a complete summary on the information found in the report done by Goodman and Trussman and hopefully gain some new and insightful knowledge into the problems in proper communication. Communication is the essential concept in regards to any type of gradual change within a company. The philosophy of improving and constructing a more effective business management relationship between employee's and other professionals has long been understood to come directly from proper communication outlets within the establishment of any company. This holds a lot of truth when there is the need to keep the work environment amicable so companies are able to retain the best workers to do the jobs that are required within the business structure. Without this vital tool between management and employee's, there would be a wide variety of problems far exceeding what exist now. These would pose considerable delays in any type of quantifiable progression in change programmes. The article by Goodman and Trussman thoroughly discusses how detrimental good communication truly is. Also, it is introduced how very serious internal communication is if there is to be a correct type of movement of change in programs involving management change programmes. ...
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Goodman and Trussman go into great detail on how communication is detrimental to the normal processes involving change programmes in management positions…
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