Media and Crime

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Contemorary world is filled with a great concern about crime that is subjectively reroduced in the media. One of the messages described with various oinions across UK's media is about eole committing crimes. The data resented in the media are not always true, the statistics is wrong.


The common characteristic of UK media is to reinforce cultural fears of "otherness", the inclusion of criminals into the grou of "outsiders", "them", "deviant" as oosed to "insiders", "us" and "normal".
Drawing on sychological and statistical ersectives, current aer resent analysis of UK national ress, newsaers and broadsheet materials in order to see to what extent the image of crime and criminality is distorted. The reflection of those issues in the media will ultimately influence the image of crime roblem that the ublic has. Besides, the ublic will be influenced by TV, Novels and movies that show criminals as cruel eole and "other" eole. An imortant art of the aer is devoted to the discussion of "moral anics" in the UK contemorary society.
As it was mentioned in the introduction and as Becker (1963) ublished decades ago "the media assists in resenting stereotyes of the criminal and thus eretuates the notion that the criminal is an "outsider' "
sychological view on distinguishing eole into the category of "others' is summed u as "scaegoating" in oular discourse and is exlained through the metahor of the "shadow" - an unconscious art of the ersonality that the conscious ego rejects or ignores (Maruna et al., 2004: 284). Self and shadow coexist in a conflict, struggling in a ersonality between good and evil. ...
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