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Regulation of Auditors

Since the international companies are tracked in the database due to investors' interests, one could argue that already listed companies would not be expected to have as perceptible a signalling effect 'f auditor choice, as would be the case in an initial public offering. However, the point 'f the key research question is not event-related, but is, rather, intended to consider the cross-sectional equilibrium effective interest cost savings observable among companies in various countries associated with self-selection 'f a Big 5 auditor, when both the profitability 'f the company and the country in which the company is located are controlled within a multivariate context. Techniques that increase the power 'f tests by both controlling the mix 'f debt and equity, and focusing on the point in time 'f an auditor change are strengths in the research design. The longitudinal results permit the measurement 'f cost savings with greater precision than that which is possible in the broader cross-sectional approach. ...
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The use 'f a five-year-average effective interest rate has advantages and disadvantages. Specifically, while the measure is less exposed to single-year interest fluctuations and anomalies such as inverted short-term and long-term interest rates, it is a composite that, through the averaging process itself, makes detection 'f differences among firms more difficult…
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