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Health Care Profession

The doctors and allied health professionals grew by 25% and 30% respectively. The NHS sector which increased the most was the Health Care Assistant workforce which almost doubled. Running second is the health care managers at a 68% increase. Figure 1 summarizes data based on whole time equivalents (w.t.e.) or the registered pooled service time of all the nurses.
Although Nursing auxiliaries have the lowest registered growth, they still are three times larger then the population size of HCA's in the year 2004. Within the realm of nursing, there has been differential increase and decrease in specialization. Those with positive growth are the nurse managers sector, first level/ registered nurses and Registered Sick Children's Nurses (RSCN). The midwives and health visitors sector grew with an inconsequential amount while the district nurses and second level nurses showed negative growth. This may have been the result of upgrading of status to 1st level nursing. Figure 2 summarizes the observation.
The figures show that there is indeed a major transformation happening in the health care market. As a rule, whatever is in demand in the market is also the prime choice for employment and study. ...
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There have been significant changes in the Health Care Labour Market. These changes have important ramifications with regards to the skills needed to adapt to the changes bringing us to the concept of skills gap. This paper aims to analyze the canges in the labour market of the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom and use this information to come up with an efficient training mechanism to address the skills gap.
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