Community Access Programming

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Traditional media is often attributed to as massively responsible for the proliferation of cultural stereotypes and prejudices. Even with its treatment of factual programming, the traditional media has been accused of striving either to sensationalise or to commercialise its representations of facts and real events…


The BBC Community Programme Unit and its programme Video Nation pioneered one of the most successful community access programming which considerably facilitated the democratisation of factual mass media. Video Nation has achieved significant strides in the propagation of democratic media in that not only did it help lessen cultural stereotypes but it also allowed participation and empowerment of ordinary citizens to control factual media programming.
In the past, democratisation of factual media programming had been thought to be improbable. Democratisation, in this sense, implies a collective undertaking (Dahlgren 2), "joining people from virtually all social sectors to a common cause." Dahlgren contends that democracy is a part of a 'public sphere' (8) where media should highlight the need for citizen participation. Through their access to reliable data from a variety of sources as well as the inclusion of diverse point of views and opinion on current events, citizens will be able to shape their independent views on significant issues which will prepare them for the maximisation of political participation (Dahlgren 9). ...
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