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Labour Relations

"Unions are becoming more popular, however the gap between employer resistance is growing through various union avoidance strategies."
Governments, took some responsibility for setting the terms and conditions under which people had to work in the paid labour market. Unions played an important role in this process, improving upon the terms and conditions of employment, offering workers a voice in workplace decisions to counterbalance the power of employers, and pressuring governments to establish and improve upon policies and regulations governing the labour market. Unions spend more time and resources reaching out to and trying to understand groups of workers and workplaces that at one time were invisible in the union. This includes youth, women, people of color, and those employed on a contingent basis, particularly in the private service sector. Unions across Canada have undergone a radical transformation in their orientation towards membership expansion through organizing the unorganized. Although employers and governments play an important and active role in diminishing union popularity and influence, unions have unwittingly reinforced many negative views about their practice.
Management has complete discretion to lay-off, transfer or terminate people based on business decisions. ...
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Unions represent approximately a third of the workforce in Canada. Through collective bargaining and their role of representing workers day-to-day in the workplace, unions have a significant positive impact on workers' wages, benefits, and working conditions, while also providing them with a voice in their workplace…
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