Health and Social Care Professionals

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This assignment will commence with defining the implications of resource management and professional regulation. The paper will also demonstrate competence in promoting sound multi-professional working. A definition and symptoms of the initial diagnosis will also be given and a social history of the complaint will be offered.


How measurable data and the rationale for goals will be identified within the model that was used, together with how the underlying physical and psychosocial perspectives were assessed and the rationale behind this. On concluding a reflection on the strength, weaknesses and consistency or discrepancies of the model chosen will be discussed.
Pearson and Vaughan, (1986) see a nursing model as a picture or representation of what nursing actually is, although Aggleton and Chalmers (2000) claim that the aim of a nursing model is for those who use them to understand more fully what they are doing and why they are doing it. The nursing model is used in conjunction with the nursing process according to Roper, Logan and Tierney (1996), who go on to say that individualized nursing is carried out by using the nursing process, which includes assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.
A nursing model is a concept of what nursing is. Models are used as a tool to assess patient's needs/problems. There are many models of nursing but the two that are more commonly used are, Roper, Logan and Tierney's Activities of Daily Living (1979) and Orem's Conceptual model (Self-care Deficit Model) (1980).
Assessment as defined by McFerran (1998) is the initial stage of the nursing process, in which information about the ...
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