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Can terrorism be described as organized crime

The essence of an affair is that the nature of modern terrorism is poorly studied. Attempts of its revealing change from the full justification of its essence up to the unappealable condemnation from the positions of morals and right: that one calls "struggle of people for the freedom", "national-liberation movement", "revolutionary front", others call it terrorism getting character of the open opposition to the state and a society. (1)
Terrorism and the organized crime act as extreme forms of social pathology and render decisive influence on the formation of a public opinion about the state of struggle against criminality. The set of articles and monographs, scientific and practical conferences are devoted to the problems of terrorism and organized crime. The technology of studying and character of recommendations testify that more often the terrorism and the organized crime are considered to be two independent problems demanding the application in struggle against them of the interdependent, but special means. ...
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The last decades of XX and the beginning of XXI centuries are marked in the majority of the world countries by the increasing wave of acts of terrorism and the transnational organized crime. In any forms of their representation all of them threaten safety of citizens from many states, entail essential negative political, economic and moral consequences, render strong psychological influence on the large number of people, and take away the lives of the increasing number of innocent peace citizens.
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