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Social stratification of African Americans - Essay Example

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Social stratification is not an isolated phenomenon.It is a result of series of events,incidents,protests and struggle.Race,class and gender have always been some of the key pillars on which stratification rests as Andersen and Collins noted, "Race,gender,and class are interlocking categories of experience that affect all aspects of human life…

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Social stratification of African Americans

African Americans have had to face an uphill task in the American society to achieve equal status which I am afraid is still a dream. But they have come a long way since the days of slavery and their current status in American society can be best illustrated with a brief overview of historical changes.Slavery of the first and most painful prejudice that African Americans had to face when they came or were forced to come to the United States. Slavery was inconsistent with the ideals incorporated in the Constitution and yet it was allowed by the founding fathers because they wanted to preserve the Union at all costs. Slavery was an abominable practice, which should have been abolished immediately after the formation of United States Constitution because it clashed with the ideals of freedom and liberty for all. However while North had some reasons to oppose it, South had numerous others to maintain this oppressive institution and in 1856, they asserted, "we are entitled to demand the opening of this trade from an industrial, political, and constitutional consideration. . . . With cheap negroes we could set the hostile legislation of Congress at defiance."Fortunately for millions of slaves in the country, emancipation came at an important time. Civil war of 1860s brought an end to the ugly institution of slavery and it was felt that blacks would finally be treated as equals. Unfortunately that did not turn out to be the case. ...
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