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Spatial Planning in the Hinterlands

The rural areas are engulfed by the urbanization and cities are becoming bigger and larger in order to occupy the population. The Office of National Statistics defines rural areas as population below 10,000 people and divides it into sub categories of town and fringe, villages or hamlets and isolated dwellings. The Defra Local Authority classified the rural areas basing on the rural population percentage within the District or Unitary Authority. (CRC, 2008)
As per the United Nations Data, total rural population of world in the year 1950 was 1,798,297 and it is predicted to reach 2,792,995 till 2050. And the total urban population of world in the year 1950 was 736,796 and it is assumed that the number will reach 6,398,291 in the year 2050. The above facts and figures indicate that the numbers will double in the case of rural areas whereas the population in the urban area is going to increase at much brisk pace. According to same source, it is reported that by 2050, 86% of the most developed nations will be urbanized keeping the rural areas to 14%. ( In view of the above, it is necessary to evaluate and assess the future implications to cope with ever increasing urban population and migration from rural areas to cities and segregation of rural areas from development activities.
Spatial Planning is considered as what can and what should ha ...
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Most of the countries in the world are urbanized with United States and the United Kingdom leading with almost above 80% and 90% of urbanization respectively. It is also reported that in the year 2005, 48.6% of the world population lived in urban areas and is predicted to grow at an annual urbanization rate of 1.98 from 2005 - 2010…
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