The Impact of the Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics Bid

Case Study
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Two years prior to the picking of the second next venue for the Olympic Games in 1988, interested cities are required to submit their bids. For two years, each country's proposed city will be evaluated in terms of capability as well as other factors in hosting the most spectacular and prestigious sporting global event held every four years.


The study will also focus on Atlanta, the winning bidder where the Centennial Olympics or the 1996 Summer Olympics was held, and the whole effect of the win on the local economic development, knowledge and innovation and on the area or region itself.
The Olympic Games dates back some 3,000 years ago or 776 BC in Peloponnese in Greece (IOC, 2006). The event was dedicated to the Olympian gods and staged for about 12 centuries on the plains of Olympia until Emperor Theodosius banned it for its pagan content in 393 AD (IOC, 2006). Today, it is an international multi-sport event as revived by French nobleman Pierre Fredy, Baron de Coubertein in the late 19th century with the vision and goal of a peaceful assembly of nations with the youths competing in sports rather than war. The modern Olympics now encompass both summer and winter games (Wikipedia, 2006). It is now held every four years as hosted by a different country's city each time. It has launched the successful career of athletes all over the world.
Two years prior to choosing the next city in 1990, the bid for the 1996 Olympics commenced and five citie ...
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