London King's Cross Station

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King's Cross railway station, previously known as London King's Cross is a prestigious railway station located on hart of London city constructed in 1852. It is the main rail way terminus in England with direct links with many European countries (Bennett, Gardner, Sumner, & Lansley, 2004).


Pancras tube stationon theLondon Undergroundnetwork. Relatively st' pancras station is of high speed and thus it has been replaced waterloo international terminus and links with many major trains stations in Europe.
After the construction of st' pancras not only the speed of the railway but also the retail market and the sole trade centers have grown up around the rail way terminus. Due to the reason of highest accessibility and the comfortability it provides to the railway passengers' demand for the services has rapidly grown up around the terminus. With the opening of new hotels and other service centers such as department stores and boutiques there is bound to be a new set of developments. The daily statistics confirm that over 40 million passengers are using the facilities available to them from this two terminals for mainly their transportation needs. As they pass this station they obviously demands many services from the outlets located at the stations. So there is a huge demand to various needs of the railway passengers.
Retail market is defined in the sense as a place where thesaleof goods orservicesto final customers rather than to producers or intermediaries takes place. It is targeting the final customer and satisfying his preferences. ...
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