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Mixed communities

The segregation of these people is a concern, as residents in low-income concentrations have higher levels of unemployment, their job networks are limited, and their neighbourhoods are plagued by poor healthcare and schools.4 Mixed communities are created in a variety of ways, through the evolution of older housing areas, as a by-production of mainstream housing development, by the overall masterplanning of new areas, and by intentionally altering existing areas whose origins were social renting'.5
When discussing mixed communities and their efficacy in the improvement of living standards of low-income families, key issues that social scientists review are related to community satisfaction. Mixed neighbourhoods ideally will be agreeable to both subsidised low-income families and the higher income families that pay full market price. It has been shown throughout the literature that despite the labelling of 'mixed community', the prime factor in desirability of housing is the housing unit itself, including design, spaciousness, cleanliness, and location.
Low-income households are particularly benefited in relocation to mixed housing commu ...
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Public Housing policy has developed through time. Originally, governments made improvements upon uninhabitable residential areas by full demolition and subsequent renovation of those slums.1 But as sociologists have concluded, in order to conquer socioeconomic disparities, all income brackets must be interconnected in order to attain a unified social fabric and develop attractive communities.2 Within mixed communities this cohesion is possible…
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