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Does Wealthier mean Healthier

Worrying, stress because of unrealistic expectations in life could be part of wealth and wealthy people have not found the key to happiness. One reason could be loneliness and wealthy people could definitely be lonely as most of the relationships are based on wealth creation. Extensive social life, worries about swinging partners, spoilt children, business hassles could be worrying. Abnormal socialising could ruin the health and personal health could be the biggest of worries. Learning to relax without dominating thoughts is not always easy for the healthy. Alcohol, caffeine, stressful deals, business and personal enmities, lack of time for exercise, sunshine and fresh air all could rob health.
Wealth could be perhaps the greatest motivator in life even in the childhood, because of the importance given to it by parents. One of the researches showed that even among children, enhancement of self-esteem with the help of bettered social status is rampant. "The research also showed that children are affected by the desire to improve their social status and consider this a way of increasing their self-esteem. Affluence and the acquisition of material possessions were considered important avenues for increasing social status" Byrne (1999).
Health inequalities could be attributed to a number of surrounding factors. ...
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It is the age-old adage that health is of a far greater importance compared to wealth, although it never stopped people from trading health in pursuit of wealth. Usually people are under the mystical spell of wealth always consoling their rebelling conscience that once they achieve the wealth, health could be bought and time and again, this has proved wrong…
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