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New Delhi - A Charming Place to Visit

Delhi is well connected through an international airport. Both the domestic and international airport is pretty close to the center of the city, just about 7 and 11 kms away respectively. If you are traveling into India then Delhi could be your entry point. If you are already in India, then of course to reach Delhi you have a number of ways. Delhi is well connected by both rail and road. Domestic airlines also connect Delhi to all the corners of India.
New Delhi Railway Station is the place you should go to make reservations for your onward journey from and back to Delhi by train1. The Railways in India is one of the largest in the world though facilities may not be of the standard you might like to have. You should be choosing first class or any of the air conditioned classes to travel by these trains. Similarly a large number of bus routes are available from Kashmiri Gate in Delhi through the Inter State Bus Service which plies the major highways of India. There are a number of local tourist operators who can take around Delhi as well as on excursions to places like Agra, Rajasthan and Simla on the Himalayan slopes.
When you are traveling with in the city, you may choose a taxi normally painted yellow and black. ...
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New Delhi is the capital city of India. Delhi has two parts - the old and the new. Delhi, therefore, has the old world charm and the new world's modernity. It has the clumsiness of the Indian cities, crowded, dusty and jostling on one side and on the other, broad and wide roads, tree and garden lined, fit for a stroll or bike down the roads…
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