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National Identity and Television in UK

Identities have taken new forms, signs, symbols and to some extent, they are blurred in the maze of a stronger world identity. They do not represent 'state-endorsed geographical identity' any more and they have moved on with the present mindboggling social and political mobility and environmental issues. All nations are adjusting to diversity now and identities have become all-inclusive. So, keeping with the time, British identity too has become an opaque concept, despite BBC declaring that Prime Minister Gordon Brown's recent speech promotes Britishness. National identity can be one of the most important component of a sense of self, which is necessary to feel belonged. National identity should be a positive factory and should never be a fanatical, regressive factor that would not allow people to move forward. Surveys say that national identity is not very important to British people any more. "That does not mean that fewer of us think of ourselves as British than before - although, as in the past, a striking one in three of us still do not. It means that Britishness is becoming less important to the majority. ...
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Television has a major impact on the minds and lives of people in recent decades. A good and effective channel can mould and un-mould popular opinions at home and abroad. Expressions of national identity and popular culture are part of television culture and the existence and importance of television cannot be ruled out any more as 'It is a potent form of popular culture that has replaced the hearth as a focal point of the household living space (Scriven, 2003)…
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