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Reality TV Show

The reality part of the show as also the participation of celebrities from different background add to the general glamour of the show and the show and its different versions has been extremely successful due to its easy adaptability to local and regional cultures thus highlighting a universal human preference for such programs.
The first part of this thesis will focus on the research agenda and research questions will be formulated to understand issues related to broader questions that will deal with the cultural significance of dancing, celebrity culture in Britain and China as well as audience participation and involvement. There will then be more detailed description of the TV series and comparisons will be drawn between TV programs and the show as in UK and that conducted in China and similarities and differences between the two shows could be highlighted. The implications of the show would be studied considering the relations between Hong Kong and mainland China as also possibilities of western influence if any on the Chinese culture. ...
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This thesis provides a detailed analysis of the TV program Strictly Come Dancing that is featured in the UK and in China. The TV show which features celebrity non dancer and professional dancers paired in a competing context has gained extreme popularity around the world and apart from the original British version, the show is now also adapted in more than 38 countries and features regional celebrities and professional dancers who compete on the TV program …
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