Essay sample - Labour Market for UKs Black Community

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Modern Britain is proud of its racial diversity and multicultural heritage, the government wearing the cosmopolitan image up its sleeve no less to project a climate of equality, tolerance, peace and harmony. It is important to mention that compared to even three decades ago, the average Briton's attitude towards ethnic minorities has undergone a paradigm shift; there is greater acceptance of "difference" be it in schools and university, vestibules of popular taste such as food, fashion and cinema, or even the workplace where the representation of minorities is at a more acceptable level than in the …


The entire focus of the research will be to look for unacceptable scenarios, and suggest effective solutions to the same.
The official release of government agency National Statistics' Labour Market Review for March 2006, presents an unwelcome fact: it provides that compared to a White, a black person is three times more likely to be unemployed, and compared to a person of Indian origin, two times. (National Statistics Labour Market Review, p. 33) For the people of Bangladeshi and Pakistani origin, unemployment rates were as high as 15% (p.29). With this initial information at our hands, we are poised to take a closer look at something other than the tip of the iceberg.
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