Essay sample - Racial Injustice in UKS Criminal Justice System

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The justice system is a system which is meant to enhance the safety and security of the citizens of the society in which it is in place. Although justice is meant to involve the utilization of sound evidence, the factor of race often sways this objective practice…


It should come as little surprise, then, that blacks are marginalized in the court system as well. Although quite unjust, race plays a critical role in the operation of criminal justice in Britain.
The discrimination against racial minorities in terms of criminal justice is evident upon the examination of the percentage of black people in prisons. "Although black people make up only just over four percent of the UK population, the black percentage of the prison population has risen from 12.5 per cent in 1985 to 14 percent in 1987." (Upshall, 1989). The population of blacks in prisons is disproportionately high to the percent of blacks in the population of Britain. This is not only the case in the UK, but is also true with regards to "native Indians in Canada, blacks in the United States, and Aborigines in Australia." ("Making Waugh," 1989). Certain people may and often do attribute the disproportionate rates of minorities in prisons to the idea that these people are uncivilised, are more prone to crime for this reason or that, are having trouble coping with modern life, or so forth. ...
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