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Managing Diversity and Equality Master

The pper emphsizes tht diversity in the work plce goes beyond rce nd gender. Brodly defined, diversity my refer to ny perceived difference mong people: ge, functionl specilty, profession, sexul preference, geogrphic origin, life style, tenure with the orgniztion, or position and that all these differences should be applied and managed by ani discrimination legislation.
If the term diversity is considered in very simplistic wy, then diversity cn be seen ll round us, by the crs we drive, the clothes we wer, the different dilects we spek etc. While this my be very generl wy of looking t the term diversity, there is considerble grin of truth to this sttement. Tht is, 21st century Britin is more culturlly rich nd homogenous society thn ever before. In the context of business, the orgnistionl mke-up of the workforce is chnging too.
Britin now hs one of the most diverse workforces in the world, consisting of wide rnge of religions nd ethnic bckgrounds. However, diversity is not just cknowledged in these terms. It cn refer to politicl beliefs, ge, sexul orienttion, ntionlity, colour, etc. Therefore, it is bsolutely prmount tht diversity is mnged effectively in prllel with Britin' s rpidly chnging socil fbric. ...
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Wys to mximize benefits of n incresingly diverse workforce nd client bse is continuing concern for orgniztionl ledership. The current processes for mnging diversity continue to be necessry but re not sufficient to result in effective outcomes in 21st century orgniztionl environments…
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