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Essay example - Economic Migration and Assylum Seeking in Europe

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Economic migration(Zhang, 2003) is the migration of people from one part of the world to another in order to find a job. The person then sends the money he or she has earned back to the country of his nationality. There are two kinds of migration(Papademtriou, 1991)…

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The book International Migration: Trends, Policies and Economic Impact(Djajic, 2001) states that there are many illegal immigrants that have traveled from a far far away native land to try their fate looking for work in the United Kingdom and other European Countries. The Massive waves of traveling races and persons that have left their love ones to enter the borders of the European Union countries has now changed the demographic shape of Europe, Britain and the United States. There have been many comments about side with or side against the advantages and disadvantages of illegal entrants(Hatton, 1998) to the European Union and other industrialized countries. There have been comments about the influence that illegal immigrants have on war on terrorism. The fresh news about the horrors in New York City and Washington caught the United States by surprise. The Twin towers and a part of Washington had been attacked by immigrants living in the United states. These immigrants had studied how to drive the airplane and then they used this knowledge gained from the United States to hijack four airplanes. The two airplanes had hit and totally toppled the twin towers in the New York Skyline. At the same time, another hijacked plane rammed against a part of the Capitol where President George Bush holds office. A fourth plane that was hijacked had crash far from its target. ...
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