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The Affect of Culture and Gender on Leadership

These features are also promoted through the whole of its values, principles, language, practices, and legendary systems. Leaders and followers craft the suppositions, ciphers, languages, attitudes, visions, ideologies, and myths present in the organization. And these characteristics of culture let members identify with each other, believe each other, and take private ownership of the group's actions. Culture makeup group member interactions as they live and work together (McShane & Glinow, 2005, Pg 458-459).
Gender--which may be characterized as the cultural meaning given to an individual's physical sex--has three basic components. Gender identity reflects a person's subjectively felt experience of being masculine, feminine, or ambivalent. Gender role is the observable expression of gender identity in the social context. And gender status is the social position of an individual with reference to the other members of her or his culture as a woman, man, or someone belonging to an additional gender status separate from both. An individual's gender status is determined by cultural factors such as the gender role performed and the gender identity experienced by her or him, but also by biological sex.
Leadership and culture are entwined. One requires the other. ...
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Culture is an elementary idea that is still in fluctuation. The word originates from the idea of cultivation; it is an agricultural idea. Normally, we think of culture as the pattern of development reflected in a social institution's system of knowledge, ideology, values, laws, and day-to-day ritual.
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