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Learning Disabilities

However science has given hope that the intellectually disabled has every potential to learn certain limited non-complex behavior and actions and thought patterns. Personal relationships that would soon develop as part of normal living and sexuality as a human basic need soon determines how he is gradually introduced into the society. In turn society has studied the best techniques to approach the scenario that best supports the relevant services afforded to these individuals as they partake in normal day to day activities of social life. Children, adolescents, adults alike experience a daily cycle of failure that can bring an overwhelming frustration for the people living with them. Recognition of the possibilities for them to lead happy lives describes several options that provide treatment options, strategies for coping, and sources of information and support as provided for under the services devised by the government and society.
Individuals with learning disabilities undergo a certain transition period like any normal human across the developmental stages in life. ...
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Mental health problems are rarely seen in the early years of a person's life. For some persons with a certain mental disorder, some feelings and behaviors change over time while others rarely do. Learning disability is a disorder that affects a person's ability to interpret what they see and hear or to link information from different parts of the brain…
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