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Accountability of Crime Prevention - Essay Example

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It is important to have closer look at the partnerships, which are accountable for crime prevention, their effectiveness, accountability and role, as well as other organizations which take part in the crime prevention system…

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Accountability of Crime Prevention

The role of various crime prevention partnerships is to make the life of the citizens safer, and it has become popular for the community partnerships to issue their strategies, thus improving the general accountability and making their activity open, popular and public. The role of the accountability has become increasingly essential with the understanding that the community and the society itself is responsible for the criminal situation, and thus has to take active part in crime reduction. Such partnerships have now acquired forms of the over-national and thus their accountability should be viewed from the different viewpoints. (Hirshfield & Bowers, 2000)On the one hand, legal accountability itself is the notion which presupposes legal obligation of the crime prevention partnerships to give clear accounts on what actions these partnerships undertake to reduce crimes and to improve general criminal situation in the community. This accountability is even more important taking into account that with such partnerships being often supported for the account of the community taxpayers, the legal accountability itself becomes a necessity. ...
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