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Concept of Citizenship

In this paper, I will be evaluating the seven authors who contributed their opinion on an archived discussion forum focused on the issues of citizenship. The seven authors will be rated individually by the given marking criteria to identify in which way they could have improved their contribution to the forum discussion. The evaluation here follows.
I have given Mr. Dimmick a mark of 19 in his contribution to the discussion forum. He is one of the frequent contributors in the forum. Mr. Dimmick has raised important issues on the concept of citizenship with rightful resources to support his message. One of these is that globalization maybe influencing the judicial system of the United Kingdom and Europe as a whole. He was insightful on his response to the other members of the forum group on the need for campaigns to maintain citizen pride like self criticism techniques. It could be that as citizens, as a nation, or as a global community, loyalties are changing with the need for change. He has served as a big factor to the continuity of the discussion in the forum since two out of three of his contribution was in response to his fellow member's messages and insights. He may have improved his contributions though. I noticed that he had many resulting questions at the end of his messages. ...
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The concept of citizenship has come a long way since the arrival of the innovations in information technology and communications. Through information technology, people from all over the world are able to get a glimpse of other people's lives and perspectives from the other side of the globe…
Author : mcculloughchasi

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