Social Minority Policies

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Across the globe in recent years, political movements advancing the plight of social minorities in divided societies have gathered momentum, demanding both recognition and response from states that are all too often run by the social majority. Most of the social minority groups in such states display the same syndromes: abject poverty, social exclusion, and negligible social mobility.


Through the years however, the intensity by which the political struggle of minority groups has been carried out, particularly in Northern Ireland, has necessitated the recognition by many states of social minority issues as distinct from the general human rights movement. The escalation of tensions between minority groups and the dominant majority in the past years, in some places culminating in violent secessionist struggles and a backlash of genocidal assaults by the dominant sector, further heightened national and global interest on the issue of minority rights. (UNOHCHR: 1998)
Heightened interest in addressing the concerns and welfare of social minority groups has thus prompted the construction of social policies meant to alleviate the plight of the social minority. This paper advances the position that the formulation of social policies for the welfare of these minorities must take into consideration the existing relationships between these minority groups and the larger society wherein they are situated. ...
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