Is Information Society a fundamental transformation of socioeconomic relations or is it a continuation of already existing trends

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One of the most fundamental processes of a "Information Society" is to insure an accurate and well developed flow of informative, knowledgeable, and extensive resources to all four corners of the economic social structure. Though there are existing traditional trends in economics today, now, more than ever there is a new and improved technology evolving.


There are many growing examples of Information Systems diversifying and this can be seen happening as far back as in 1975. The information highway is one huge expansive network of systems, which runs in all directions, and is one of the most intricate resources ever incorporated into the business economics of the world. The new vision that is developing is one that is less focused on information technology, but one that is more attuned to attempting to implement a better understanding in regard to the nature of Information Societies (Salvaggio, 1989). Upon researching and reading the topic more thoroughly, it is duly noted that very few people understand anything about the meaning of the information society or what it is and how it came about. There is a huge gap in awareness when it comes to explaining the relevance of the sociological developments provided from information networks and of which are shared throughout the world in a mutually beneficial learning structure. Sociologists have provided many theories into the advancement of the information society. They have expressed them through many literary works, indicating how this information network can branch out into multiple areas of the sociological structure. ...
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