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Prejudice - Essay Example

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Being a part of society one inevitably has to communicate with people: meet new friends or business partners; ask strangers on the streets to tell the time or chat with taxi drivers and so on. Normally, the process of getting along with people depends on such factors as politeness, common interests and character of the ones who communicate…

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In general, it implies coming to a judgment on the subject before learning where the preponderance of the evidence actually lies."* To illustrate this statement we might speak of cases of gender prejudice such as a poplar thought that men are in general smarter then women. Or, we all know of a common opinion that blonds are not quite clever. Still, taking in account the specifics of our topic, we find it necessary to list two more definitions which are tightly connected with the subject of interracial human relationships. In holocaust dictionary we find he following: "A judgment or opinion formed before the facts are known. In most cases, these opinions are founded on suspicion, intolerance, and the irrational hatred of other races, religions, creeds, or nationalities."** Next, a Japanese Canadian history resource offers us to define prejudice as "a predetermined judgment (based on faulty interpretation) made using wrong or distorted facts. This attitude, usually negative, is directed toward a person or group of people. Prejudiced thinking may result in acts of discrimination."*** Actually, even nowadays, when the process of globalization is speeding up, when open society turns from a beautiful dream into reality, cases of racial prejudice do not "become extinct".
During the last week we had an opportunity (unfortunately, we had it) to see ...
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