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The Infrastructure and the corresponding services form the primary foundation of economic stability & growth of a country. The dynamics required by the businesses run by a country to ensure growth & performance in the local and global markets are driven by the infrastructure facilities available to them…


A close look at the mode of operandi of any business reveals that almost every move by the business is dependent upon one or the another Infrastructure service provided by the country - Transport, Water, Electricity, Landlines, Mobile Phones, Internet, Parking, etc. Moreover, people cannot socialize if the infrastructure facilities are not adequate for them to go out and engage with the social system of the country - meeting people, shopping, fun & entertainment, education, welfare, etc. Having realized the importance of Infrastructure Services for the businesses as well as the social system, it is hereby emphasized that the Infrastructure Facilities also impact the health & safety of human beings substantially - positively as well as negatively. There is a limit up to which the homeland in a developed country can take infrastructure developments. If the economic growth keeps on surging thus increasing demands on the Infrastructure, at some stage the country has no option but to start eating away the natural resources & beauty of the country thus chopping off forests/greeneries and convert them into cement jungles. This is when the health & safety of natives of the country starts deteriorating exponentially. ...
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