The New Labour. Young People and Youth Offending. - Book Report/Review Example

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The New Labour. Young People and Youth Offending.

This was counteracted by many critics for having called for a Minister for Youth to co-ordinate better the disparate activities of various arms of government, while others argued for a more holistic approach to the study of youth to be made by academic researchers, policy makers and practitioners (Jones & Wallace, 1992). The academic study of youth certainly has mirrored state policy in its uncoordinated and "atomistic" approach, with separate branches of the social sciences focusing on different facets of young people's lives. The problems of youth were highlighted, while social work focused on the issue of child protection and caring for children. The social inequalities of educational attainment and the problems of transition from school to work were dominated under the reign of New Labour Government.

Compared to the nebulous concept of youth, the Government find it easier to mould the social policy pertinent to the study of welfare and welfare systems and the ways in which systems of welfare do, or do not, meet human needs. ...
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The day when the 'New Labour' swept into power, political events and issues such as divorce law reform, the implementation of European Union directives on weights and measures, and the progress of the Northern Ireland 'peace process' initiated with new policies and procedures…
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