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Family related to traditional,modern and postmodern societies

Cohabitation has become increasingly common in many industrial countries. Alternative forms of social and sexual relationship are likely to flourish in the future. Yet marriage and the family remain firmly established institutions.
My personal attitude towards the setting of families is quite conservative. I believe that family is a group of people directly linked by kinship, the adult members of which assume responsibility for the care of their children. Kinship consists of genetic ties or ties resulting from marriage. Marriage is a socially acknowledged and approved sexual union between two adults.
Among many settings now popular in family-related issues, I give the preference to monogamy families, which are culturally approved sexual relationships between one man and one woman. Many cultures tolerate or encourage polygamy when a person may be married to two or more spouses at the same time. I find it a negative and destructive contribution in the society and assume that sooner or later it will destroy the wholly unit disposed by traditional family.
And it ollows from one of sociological perspectives, so called functionalist perspective, that defended the point of family performing an important task that in the end contributed to society's basic needs and helped perpetuate social order. ...
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A family is a group of people directly linked by kinship, the adult members of which assume responsibility for the care of their children. Marriage is a socially acknowledged and approved sexual union between two adults. In Western societies, marriage, and therefore the family, is associated with monogamy…
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