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The Oxford City Council has issued a Tenants Handbook based on their Anti-Social Behaviour Policy which sets out the process to be followed in the event a tenant feels threatened by abusive or offensive behaviour. When tenants move into Council housing, they are required to sign a Tenancy Agreement which states, under Tenants Responsibilities, that "they, members of their household, or visitors must not in any way cause nuisance or intimidate any other tenants or neighbours including other members of their household or visitors" (Anti-social Behaviour, 2005).


This paper will analyse the policy in an effort to determine its effectiveness. The question becomes whether a tenant can receive more assistance by following the text of the Policy or whether the Handbook basically reflects the content of the Policy.
In an effort to reduce anti-social behaviour (ASB) across the City, Oxford's Policy 2005 has recently been published. In addition to its own methods of identifying problems, it shows the partnership arrangements established with "other statutory bodies, voluntary organisations and Registered Social Landlords to ensure residents can live in their homes in quiet enjoyment" (Policy: Introduction, par. 1). The Housing Service deals with cases of ASB through the Business Unit, and the Policy describes the process in conjunction with the Oxford City Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy (2002-2005) and the Procedure notes on anti-social behaviour. ...
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