Use of “Xbox-Live” in India and its impact on youth - Essay Example

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Use of “Xbox-Live” in India and its impact on youth

The essay brings out arguments favoring internet gaming and video watching culture by various people and provides arguments countering the arguments of others. Also the essay throws light on the past culture and habits of youth in India.The essay is a trumpet call for the youth and internet users who get addicted to internet gaming. The essay forays into the advantages and disadvantages of internet gaming and video cultureMicrosoft India launched its otherwise famous “Xbox Live” in India on November 5, 2007*(“Microsoft India to Launch Xbox Live on Nov.5”.BS reporter, Tech world, Business Standard, Friday, 13thMarch, 2009, Mumbai Edition). Xbox Live, a famous internet gaming software that otherwise provides other facilities like videos of films*(“Microsoft India to Launch Xbox Live on Nov.5”. BS reporter, Tech world, Business Standard, Friday, 13thMarch, 2009.Mumbai edition) is very popular among youth across the world and naturally the system savvy; internet crazy Indian youth were lured to it. There are nearly 3.3 million active internet users in the rural India*(Rishi Joshi, “Growing number of net users in rural India”, Hyderabad, Business Today, Jan.22, 2009, Hyderabad edition) who browse internet either regularly or once a week in the least. With such huge market potential it is no surprise that Microsoft is aiming to gain a huge chunk in the Indian market*(Pragati Verma,“We are building muscle in core areas”, The Financial Express, Wed, Mar.11, 2009, Hyderabad Edition). ...
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The essay brings out arguments favoring internet gaming and video watching culture by various people and provides arguments countering the arguments of others. Also the essay throws light on the past culture and habits of youth in India.
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