Neighbourhood Planning

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The idea of planning with the concept of neighbourhood in mind is an old concept that dates back to early 20th century and is useful in the enlightening role it assumes in the residents of a particular neighbourhood offering them an opportunity to exercise some amount of responsibility for the neighbourhood they share.


The concept of familiarity rendered possible through association is also encompassed by the notion of neighbourhood. The body of persons trusted with neighbourhood planning within a given region must of necessity engage the public in all the major levels of its application so that the output from the undertaking may favour the public it is meant to serve. The public is made aware of the decision to engage in neighbourhood planning through outreach programs like door to door mobilizations, phone calls or use of the media among other ways. Perhaps of equal importance is the demarcation of the regions that can comfortably be included within a particular neighbourhood. This is so because neighbourhood may not necessarily mean, for example, a whole city but it may comfortably fit a section of a city. In times of difficulty with demarcating the areas to be included within a neighbourhood, the use of naturally occurring features like rivers and forests may come in handy.
Neighbourhood planning assumes different categories of scale depending on the area it is under application for example city neighbourhood plans are initiatives found in the cities while the rural neighbourhood planning is found predominantly in the rural areas. ...
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