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Media and Minorities - Book Report/Review Example

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Author : cronajake
Book Report/Review
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Prejudice ideology is an inherent part of the social world, but in western culture its effects are more apparent in film and on the television. The media's depiction of ethnic groups, women and religious factions has a dynamic influence on the way in which these groups are perceived within their communities, and the orchestrates behind these depictions are as connected to the public as the stereotypes themselves…

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Media and Minorities

Body hair is animalistic; hairlessness connotes striving above nature. The climax of Gli amori di Ercole has Hercules fighting a giant ape, who has previously behaved in a King Kong-ish way towards Hercules's beloved Dejanira, stroking her hair and when she screams making as if to rape her; close-ups contrast Hercules's smooth, hairless muscles with the hairy limbs of this racist archetype. (Dyer)
Here Dyer points out how the uppermost echelon of masculinity is equated with shaven white muscle, through its very contrast to that of hair apes, who are historically associated with blackness. He acknowledges the racist aspects of this archetype, but also gives notice to the private boys' club-like tradition that has formed from this prejudice. This same ideal of exclusion is expressed in Gamy Robson's Millwall Football Club: Masculinity, Race and Belonging in which the author points out how Millwall Football Club is a devout fan base-community that excludes those who aren't born within it and those of different races. ...
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