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Global Media: Flows and Counter-flows

Global media and capitalist monoculture incorporate all minor cultures into the single global capitalist system; going even further than this, the production process and consumer tastes become uniform. Thus, there is an ongoing process of standardization of tastes alongside with deterritorialization. Unification of cultures gradually replaces culturally thick places that provide an individual with a sense of identity. The revolution effect of globalization is stimulated by technological innovation, as scholars point out, the process is irreversible and irresistible (Cryle, 2004). Westernization of the world results in a conflict between local and global forces: there is a distinct increase in nationalistic movements that resist global economy attempting to keep cultural identity. The two African films of Jean-Pierre Bekolo "Quartier Mozart" and "Aristotle's Plot" concentrate on the issue of homogenous culture alongside with shortcomings of this global tendency.
African filmmakers tend to view themselves as contemporary African artists: the value of art is determined by the intrinsic properties alongside with beauty and functional role in the framework of society, culture, and identity. In contrast with Western filmmakers, African counterparts actively participate in the process of socio-political reconstruction of African society (Maingard, 1994). ...
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The world tendency to globalization resulted in formation of network connections that cut across cultural and traditional boundaries. While the obvious layers of connectivity include circulation of goods and capital, the underlying issues can be as deep as formation of identity by global media…
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