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Culture and Communication

For each bound morpheme, write a rule showing how it is used in Language X. (Imagine you are a teacher of Language X and your learners have asked you to give them some grammar rules.)
Perhaps acting as an introductory morpheme for the entire sentence, it could be observed that the other sentences that have not any of these morphemes were considered incomplete when translated to English.
An: Most likely as observed, the morpheme "an" actually stands as a linking verb that also serves as a completing aspect of any sentence made. From observation it could be noted as the x language's substitute to the forms of the linking verb "is" in English language.
All languages have rules for the order of elements in sentences. Describe TWO differences between the rules for order in English and order rules in Language X. Refer to the Language X sentences and their English translations as examples of the rules.
As observed from the given samples, the English language simply requires the necessary elemental factors [which may refer to the main subject and the predicate of the statement] to be able to create a complete sentence that would denote meaning and sense to the said statement.
Meanwhile, in the rules of sentence completion in language x, there is a sentence completing agent which is the morpheme "ga" which perhaps gives an essence to the entire sentence. ...
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Below is a set of 20 sentences in a language which we shall refer to as Language X with their equivalents in English (in italics). (Note: Language X is based on a real language but for the purposes of this assignment some of the structures have been modified and the forms of words changed.) Use this data to answer questions 2.1 and 2.2.
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