Japanese culture and Hikikomori

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The youth are believed to be the future leaders in Japan that is why it is doing its best to train and shape them in any way to obtain this goal. Japan has been a consistent top and among other nation in the world with its economy, technological advancements and educational systems.


The pressure on the youth to be competitive as they can bring about problems which the parents believed is caused by different factors especially with the Japanese society. The broadcast done by the BBC in 2002 created an alarming issue to the government, parents and media. It is not only an issue that should be dealt by Japan but also of the neighbouring countries. For over 5 to 10 years now, hang-out places for youth are not the usual entertainment areas, shopping malls, or even the playground in their neighbourhood but solely their rooms. Reports have been said that there are already one million of youth are suffering in this so called hikikomori which is affecting the youth all over the cities of Japan (Rees, 2002).
Hikikomori, as what is called in Japan, although this is not even in any Japanese dictionaries, is an observable fact in most of youth with the age range from 21 to 30 years old. Hikikomorians lock up themselves in their rooms for 6 months and can afford to talk to no one even with their families and this will even take a year or more to finally get out and interact with other individuals. They confide solely with their books, computer games, internet/online chatting, television and other technological gadgets that are available in Japan. They usually turn the night into day and the day into night (Jones, 2006 a&b).
According to Kudo, owner of a dormitory for hikikomori, who began helping isolated ...
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