Professional Accountability

Case Study
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Every person must have personal and professional integrity in their life. This is being truthful and loyal to himself and to the profession he is engaged. Accountability is another important trait to be practiced by every professional to do justice to his job.


This discussion is about the professional accountability of persons engaged in the medical profession. Due to the advancements in the medical technology, today doctors are able to offer treatments that cure even the very complicated conditions. People with potentially life threatening conditions are able to prolong their lives due to the remarkable improvements in the treatments. But here doctors are faced with an important issue of explaining to the patient the kind of treatment to be administered, the possible results, side effects that may occur and get the consent of the patient. Obtaining the consent of the patient is very essential to commence any kind of treatment. Patient autonomy which means the right of the patient who is in a sound mental capacity to take the decision whether to acceptor refuse the treatment is given utmost importance. If the patient is not in a state of mind to give his consent, efforts should be made to find out the views expressed by him earlier in this regard or the consent of the closest family member should be obtained. When neither could be done, that situation put doctors in a fix. They land in an ethical dilemma as to whether to save the life of the patient or to respect his own decision even if it would lead him to his end of life. ...
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