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Essay example - Sexual Orientation and Organisation

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Managing diversity is based on the assumption that diverse groups will create new ways of working together and develop understanding in that group, causing profit and productivity to increase. Managing diversity is really about managing differences, and a simple training program cannot accomplish it…

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Diversity includes diverse perspectives, approaches and sensitivity to culture, gender, religion, ethnic and national origin, attitudes, socio-economic and personal differences, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, productive abilities, power, knowledge, and status. Therefore, diversity management means the creation of internal and external environment within which these different perspectives, approaches and sensitivities are incorporated and developed in such a way that the full potential of individuals and institutions may be realized.
Diversity management is fast becoming a management approach that is being applied effectively within institutions. Managing diversity tries to build specific skills and to create policies that derive the best from each employee. Managing diversity is based on the assumption that diverse groups will create new ways of working together and have understanding in that group, profit and productivity will increase
This paper will explain what defining of diversity, diversity management and what related to diversity management in companies. To explained how's diversity management work in organization/companies and why so important
Sexual Orientation encompasses the feelings of sexual attraction towards individuals of the same gender or opposite gender. ...
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