A Mainstream Story and Non-Mainstream Story about the Events of the Rodney King Verdict

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During the Rodney King uprising in Los Angeles (LA) in 1992, the front page of newspapers focused on the videotape showing how black motorist Rodney King was badly beaten with nightsticks by four police officers after resisting arrest. The mainstream story primarily attributed the violent uprising with this incident and the announcement of the verdict in which the police officers involved were all acquitted.


For instance, the article relative to the LA riots in Wikipedia cited that the plummeting employment rate within the local population in the South Central region of LA, which had been severely affected by the nationwide recession, had caused much civil unrest. Furthermore, there was the lingering perception that the LA Police District (LAPD) has long been engaged in racial profiling and using of excessive force. The reported union between influential LA street gangs, known as the Crips and the Bloods, to make political demands also aggravated the brewing street war.
Probably the most notable reason mentioned in the same article would be the changing demographics within the region. Previously, the said region was predominantly inhabited by the black population. However, the neighborhoods experience drastic changes due to the increasing number of Hispanics and Korean residents. These immigrants were deemed to have displaced their black counterparts in terms of employment and business undertakings. Such condition goaded the economic competition and animosity between these racial groups.
In the Wikipedia article, people of color such as the blacks, Hispanics and Koreans were depicted as communities constantly at war and greatly divided. ...
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